About us


Advocate+ is an advocacy and development agency that strives to advocate, empower and improve the socio-economic status of marginalized people, especially those in underserved communities in post-conflict Sierra Leone.

The organization is also dedicated to promoting and protecting the social rights of the most vulnerable people, especially women and children, through grassroots action, income generating enterprises, entrepreneurship and education.

Based in Sierra Leone, a country of vast natural and mineral resources, we see the status of the local natural environment as key in the development process.


Sierra Leone’s poverty cycle is negatively reinforcing as people living with scarce resources are usually directly dependent on the natural environment for their daily survival. Advocate + therefore seeks to address cross-cutting issues of environmental protection especially through sustainable agricultural practices and gender empowerment. 

We aim to advocate, empower and improve the socio-economic status of the marginalized, and promote the social rights of women and children and  envision a poverty-free world where women and children have the opportunity to attain their fullest potential 


Advocate + follow the Participatory Rural Appraisal (PRA) methods applied by Advocate + practitioners to ensure local ownership and problem framing at the grassroots level.

We believe in empowering the individual in order for them to help themselves, take decisions, and make changes in their lives and their communities.Long-term social, economic, and environmental sustainability is the most important aspect when assessing new projects and evaluating existing ones.

Advocate + does not believe in building parallel structures, but rather in working in close cooperation with and strengthening systems and structures already set in place by government authorities and civil society


 MOSES MARGAO- Project Officer

Moses is the Project Officer for Conflict Prevention and Peace Preservation program for Sierra Leone. He holds a Master degree in Peace and Development Studies, and a Bachelors degree in Sociology from the Njala University.He was motivated to join Advocate Plus through the Oxfam GB funded Enhancing Women’s Political Participation project which was successfully implemented by the organization. Moses enjoys applying his conflict mediation techniques to peacefully resolve disputes.

ISHA SOWA- Gender Officer

Isha is the Gender Officer for Advocate Plus. She hold a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology and Women & Gender Studies from Njala University. She is motivated to work with Advocate Plus as the organization offer the opportunity to interact and empower marginalized people (especially women) from different backgrounds. She enjoys reading and listening to motivational speakers during her spare time.

 AMOS ABDULAI-  IT Network Technician

Amos is the IT Network Technician for Advocate Plus. He is a graduate of Njala University with Bachelor of Science, specializing in Business and Information Technology, and a Diploma in Data Processing and IT. He has a wealth of experience in working with young people in facilitating workshops for community members on gender based violence, teenage pregnancy and conflict resolution.

Amos is passionate about working with Advocate Plus as the organization has the capacity to empower rural communities to become self-reliant, and ensure that these communities are able to respond to their livelihood in a sustainable manner. He loves reading novels and watching educational movies

  PATRICK HOTAGUA- Community Mobilisation Officer

Patrick is the community Mobilization Officer for Advocate Plus. He is a Graduate from the Milton Margai College of Education & Technology with a diploma in peace and conflict resolution, and a degree in Human Resource Management from the institute of Advance Management & Technology (IAMTECH).

“I wanted a job which offers an opportunity to get involved in advocacy, and improving the livelihood of the underprivileged, and I saw Advocate Plus as the prefect organization to explore my experience.” He enjoys reading and listening to music during leisure time.

 CATHERINE MUSTAPHA-Administrative Officer

Catherine is the Finance/Administrative Officer for Advocate Plus. She is a graduate of Government Technical Institute with a certificate in Business Administration. Catherine is enthusiastic about working with Advocate+  to transform the lives of young people to be productive citizens, and improving the livelihood of marginalized communities. Advocate Plus has enabled her to learn about different cultures and profoundly improve her communication skills. She enjoys watching educational movies and listening to the news.

SELLU KUGBA NYANDE- National Coordinator

Sellu is the National Coordinator for Advocate Plus Sierra Leone. He holds a Bachelor Degree in Business Administration, Diploma in Stores Management in Stores and Stock Inventory, and related area like Purchasing and Resources Management.

He is passionate in working with Advocate Plus in transforming young people into productive citizens. Advocate Plus gives him the opportunity to know the culture of all ethnic groups through the UNDP funded Peacebuilding and Conflict Prevention Project. Sellu enjoys doing research and learning about different life stories from various communities. He also loves solitary activities such as reading and listening to news and music. He is married with two children.