Women’s Voter Awareness Campaign

“In a democratic system of government, a free and fair vote is the fundamental tool through which active citizens can express their political preferences and development desires”



In 2012, almost 20% of local politicians were women with just 13% at national level. Every seat was hard won with numerous candidates facing discrimination, threats and even violence. Even those who succeed in attaining parliamentary seats are often relegated to a powerless “women’s wing” by their own parties. Within Sierra Leone’s traditional patriarchal society, women have often struggled to prioritize their concerns on the political agenda.


Through our voter awareness campaign, Advocate+ worked hard to inform women of the importance of their vote, educate them on the nature of the election process and provide training to empower women to hold their politicians to account. Through a voter awareness campaign workshop, 1000 women were reached and encouraged to register to vote. Only through increased women’s participation in the electoral process will they be able openly discuss and solve the many challenges facing them.


By discussing important local concerns with communities across the country, Advocate+ trained women to articulate their concerns to politicians and use their votes to push for meaningful change Key issues facing women were also documented in a “Women’s Manifesto” . A greater understanding of the political process was essential for helping women to identify dummy candidates: become less susceptible to coercion and clamp down on corruption. Using a mix of workshops, radio and TV campaigns, Advocate+ brought this message to the largest possible audience.


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