From helping more girls pursue their education to providing job opportunities for 400 women in our Cassava processing plant, every Advocate+ project helps improve the lives of communities in Bo. With newspapers filled with the devastating death tolls from the Ebola outbreak, soaring maternal mortality rates and seemingly intractable poverty, it is easy to feel helpless, give up and accept the seemingly inevitable.

Despite these challenges, every day we see significant albeit small and so often under reported victories ; a girl inspired to stay in school for just a few extra years, before getting married and settling down, improves not only her own health and job prospects but those of future generations or a father given a new job to help feed his family.
As a small NGO, focusing on Bo we ensure that all our projects are tailored to maximize benefit to the local communities. We may not be able to provide quick solutions to the many challenges facing Sierra Leone, but project by project, we believe we really can change lives and futures.

With your help, we can create new projects, employ more local staff and interns and together build a Sierra Leone not known only for it’s poverty and disease but for the never ending resilience of its people.

You can support our work through the donation button below or perhaps you would would prefer to volunteer with us and see firsthand how Advocate+ helps communities.

A Safe Place to Play

Providing scholarships,football training and extra tuition our Empower-Educate-Esteem Project empowers young women from poor backgrounds to help improve their own communities.

$100 can provide a girl with football equipment, a supportive training environment and participation in a local football league for a year.

Dedicated Academic Support with Community Tutors

In addition to scholarships and football training, Advocate+ provides academic support to our girls through community tutors.

$300 provides tuition for a girl for a whole year including teaching materials and stipends for tutors.

Academic Support and a Road to Success

By providing scholarships to young women in the Empower-Educate-Esteem project we help keep them in school, improving not only their future job prospects but reducing their chances of early marriage and pregnancy.

$33 is enough to pay for one girls school fees for a month.

$400 will provide a scholarship for the whole academic year.