World Humanitarian Day 2016- One Humanity

1 Humanity

“World Humanitarian Day is an annual reminder of the need to act to alleviate the suffering. It is also an occasion to honour the humanitarian workers and volunteers toiling on the frontlines of crises. I pay tribute to these dedicated women and men who brave danger to help others at far greater risk.”

— UN Secretary-General, Ban Ki-moon

On the 19th of August 2003, the UN Headquarters in Baghdad were bombed, killing over 22 people; most of whom were aid workers. On this day every year, the UN together with people across the globe come together to recognise and pay respect to the many aid workers who work in hazardous conditions, giving their lives trying to help others.

World Humanitarian Day’s theme this year was ‘One Humanity’, highlighting the commitments made this May at the the World  Humanitarian Summit in Istanbul. It was here that world leaders, NGOs and many others made commitments to support people who face impossible decisions every day; the world’s poorest, most marginalised and vulnerable individuals whose lives have been devastated by disasters, conflict, and abject poverty.

Would you rather …

Drink Cholera-contaminated water OR cross a minefield to get to clean water?

Struggle for months, or maybe years in a makeshift camp OR pay a smuggler and risk drowning at sea?

Share the last of your water with a severely dehydrated child OR keep it for your own thirsty children?

World Humanitarian Day calls for solidarity with the more than 130 million people around the world who need humanitarian assistance to survive. Behind these statistics, there are millions more individuals, families and communities who face impossible choices everyday. Commitments must be made to ensure that these people have access to the aid they so desperately need to survive. Greater global support and commitment are essential to support humanitarian action and ensure that workers can safely and more effectively deliver aid to those most in need.


So what can you do to help?

We must show compassion and determination, using our voices to rise up to and fight against injustice, and we must work together as one humanity for change.

World humanitarian Day is a reminder that we need to act to alleviate suffering by demanding that our societies and governments put humanity first.

The UN urges people to sign the United Nations “Would You Rather” campaign, which aims: to raise money for the UN’s Central Emergency Response Fund and to encourage individuals  across the world to become Messengers of Humanity.

The first step you can take in making real change, is understanding and empathising. Take this quiz, put yourself in the shoes of someone who faces impossible decisions every day, and pledge to help alleviate this suffering.

What do you think the world needs more of?

This year, in its campaign to celebrate World Humanitarian Day, the United Nations posed the question, “What do you think the world needs more of?” At Advocate Plus we know that Sierra Leone desperately needs the help of its citizen and the wider global community, to campaign against the injustices faced by women every day. Civic education in schools is also critical to build a brighter, more democratic future while creating a cleaner, safer environment will help prevent diseases such as malaria. Advocate Plus are working on three projects to address these issues:

Empower Educate Esteem was created to improve the lives of disadvantaged girls in Sierra Leone, through football, scholarships and mentoring. Transforming Trash Into Potential is designed to reduce degradation caused by solid waste through Sustainable Waste Management. Finally, the Civic Education Project raises awareness and teaches young people about the importance of actively participating in politics in order to create a more democratic society, in which active citizens can express their political preferences.

At Advocate Plus, we are actively improving the lives of people who face impossible decisions every day. Humanitarian Day forces us to remember the suffering that continues to prevail throughout the world. However, these people cannot wait another 364 days until the same day next year for your help, positive change needs to happen now. You can start today by supporting Advocate Plus  so we can continue to transform the lives of Sierra Leone’s most marginalized people through our projects. Together with your support we can help eliminate the impossible choices, faced by millions each day. Happy Humanitarian Day!

If you wish to donate to Advocate Plus please follow the link below.